A second take on a government bailout

The opening of the Detroit Auto Show put some members of the Tea Party in a bad spot today: reconciling the political philosophy with hometown reality. Few people showed up to protest the government intervention in the auto business, apparently after a Tea Party leader urged them to stay away because the government intervention helped Michigan and Michiganders, according to the Associated Press.

Joan Fabiano, who has organized several Tea Party events in Michigan called the protest “ill conceived.”

“Why must some Americans boycott G.M. and throw innocent people, such as myself, out on the street trying to find another job in this economy? Did I do something wrong? Would you like to see yourself out of a job if your company’s leadership made the errors and you had nothing to do with it?” she said in a statement urging the Tea Party to stay away.

Counter-protesters, made up mainly of auto workers, outnumbered the Tea Party groups, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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