What’s right with us?

Time for another edition of What’s Right With Us.

Ripped from today’s headlines.

>> A train traveling 50 mph was 150 yards away from a stuck-on-the-track van carrying an 87-year-old man who with a bad hip in Lake City. Do the math on that. You’re standing nearby and you’ve got 6 seconds to get to the van, pull the man out, and get out of the way. Can you do it? Would you do it? Johnnie Zimmer, 48, and his nephew, Justin Widell, 25, did.

>> In Colorado, someone walked into a motel, and plunked down $640 for four rooms for homeless people who’d been camping along a nearby river.

>> A North Carolina man is using his artistic gift to help the homeless.

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>> Dick Brookins was a tall U.S. soldier, the perfect kind of person to play Saint Nicholas in a Luxembourg town he and other soldiers had just liberated. He went on to the Battle of the Bulge and forgot about it. The town did not.

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