The Tiger remix

Yes, I know. Too much Tiger coverage. Now, however, it’s inspiring art.

In other pro athlete news, Adrian Peterson has been dinged by Edina police for going 109 miles per hour.

State law calls for Peterson to lose his driver’s license, but he apparently only got a ticket. (h/t: @iamdez)

There’s probably a song in there somewhere, too.

  • Joanna

    The only fitting response is ROFLMAO.

  • Jim!!!

    Did Peterson tell the cop “I wasn’t going to be out that long”?

    (Steven Wright joke)

  • J Smith

    I hope next time a non-pro-athlete speeds 50-some miles over the speed limit, with a speed over 100mph, they just face a routine traffic stop and a speeding ticket rather than the full force of the law.

  • David Arcaine

    “I just hope he can go that fast in the playoffs.” I bet some reporter somewhere will be guilty of saying that. 😛