The fight for the hearts and minds of the American people

The most influential man in American journalism today declared that the future of journalism is bright.

Speaking at an FTC conference on the state of journalism, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch said news editors are more concerned about winning prizes for journalism rather than giving the people what they want. “I can’t tell you how many newspapers I see have a wall of journalism prizes and a declining circulation,” he said during the Federal Trade Commission-hosted panel, “How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?”

According to Business Insider, Murdoch said that newspapers have prospered because the communities that they serve trust them to hold governments accountable and to provide their readers with pertinent information.

You know, like this:


Most of these breast-beating panels on the future of journalism miss the point. It’s not a question of whether journalism will survive. It’s a question of whether good journalism will survive.

On many days — and with the war in Afghanistan about to be escalated, this is one of them — it becomes a question not of whether journalists are giving the people what they want. It’s whether the people are right in the journalism they want — for many, that’s the latest on Tiger Woods and the gate crashers at the White House — at the expense of journalism they need.

  • JackU

    And of course that headline gives you no idea that what she says is that she doesn’t really know him.

    Fox Sports summary of the Post interview.

    Basically she says, he came with a group to a club where its her job to seat famous people and their groups, she did her job. At some later date a third party planning a bachelor party that Woods was going to attend, contacted her about helping setup the party in Las Vegas. Again she was just doing her job.

    She probably appreciates the publicity, but it’s not the right kind of publicity for her kind of work. So she gets a lawyer and prepares to sue the tabloid.

    Oh, and Mr Murdoch makes money from all of the angles of the story.

  • DSR

    Duh!!! But the American public can be so stupid and into the shinny things that causes excitment/scandal rather than what really matters!

  • JohnnyZoom

    Except what is news and what is fiction?

    Look at her right waistline. PhotoShop city.

  • Seems so much of the media is more about opinion than news. It’s easy to get jaded and just discount the entire lot.