The Employed: Rhoda Quick

All of the people I’ve profiled so far in the News Cut series, The Unemployed, have been worth rooting for, but none more so than Rhoda Quick of St. Louis Park.

She lost her job as a legal assistant at HSBC in Minnetonka in a cost-cutting layoff in May, and has been on the verge of losing her home.

Today, Rhoda got a job.

She’s been hired at Ovations at UnitedHealth Group as a senior legal administrative assistant. She starts next week and her salary will be somewhat more than she was making in her previous position.

Meanwhile, I’d like to profile more people who are out of work. If that’s you, contact me.

  • Rhoda Quick

    Thanks for doing a followup on my unemployment story. Everything is going great at my new job at Ovations a UnitedHealth Group company in Minnetonka. I am supporting 6 attorneys and couldn’t be happier.

    Still working on saving my home after 7 months of not affording the payments.

    Good luck to everyone else out there. There is hope if you believe in yourself!!!

    Rhoda Quick