Now, we dance

Among the important questions facing mankind is this one: Do men become better dancers as they get older, or do they just think they do?

A British researcher has the answer, according to Discovery:

Men 16 and under don’t take much pride in their dance moves, but as men grow older, their confidence steadily rises. In fact, men over the age of 65 think they are veritable Saturday Night Fever John Travolta’s, with their confidence even surpassing that of 55 to 60-year-olds.

Interestingly, women are just the opposite. They display immense confidence in their dancing up to age 16. There’s a drop in boogie boldness from 16 to age 20, then a small rise, before a steady drop in groove pride hits from ages 55 to 65.

(h/t: Nancy Lebens)

  • John

    Abba in the R & R Hall of Fame?

    Now I’m 100% positive I don’t need to go there.

  • Gorg Borg

    Remember the video clip of Boris Yeltzen doing a crazy dance on stage at some Russian dance thing? He was waving his arms around, clapping, etc…quite the sight.