Fresh Eye on the Radio: Tattoos, peace prizes, and a skate in the park

John_Allen_Ditullio-244x183.jpg A judge in Florida is ordering the state to pay $150 for a cosmetologist to cover up the tattoos of a neo-Nazi during his trial. John Ditullio is charged with murder and attempted murder. His lawyer argued his tattoos would prevent him from receiving a fair trial.

That’s just the kind of day it was in news, as reflected in today’s Fresh Eye on the Radio.

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  • David Arcaine

    Can’t they just, I don’t know, put foundation make up on him during the trial? Cosmetologist $150, weeks worth of make up $10. Commonsense and a simple solution…priceless.

  • bsimon

    Unless the guy had been strapped down & tattooed against his will, how is presenting himself as he is unfair?

  • alice

    Just to carry this a step further, should the state pay for certain defendants to have their skin colour altered, since being a minority could lead to an unfair trial in certain parts of the country?

    I agree with bsimon, I don’t see how presenting someone as they are is unfair.

  • kennedy

    Should the state also pay for a designer suit so that he can make a good impression?

    Bad precedent being set here.

  • Kim E

    Since authorities are calling it a hate crime, and Ditullio was arrested at a mobile home that people called the “Nazi Compound,” isn’t it kind of, well, obvious that he’s a neo-Nazi? It seems like these facts will come up regardless of whether you can see his tattoos or not.

  • Heather

    Well, if they really want to make a good impression, they should make him shave that ratty beard off, too. YUCK.

    Wasn’t it Brian Setzer whose dad told him not to get tattoos where a judge could see them? This guy clearly could have used some better guidance…