Fresh Eye on the Radio: ‘Friending’ the Secret Service


The head of the Secret Service told a congressional hearing that a security breach that allowed an uninvited couple into last week’s state dinner was a mistake and an aberration, and that three uniformed officers have been put on administrative leave.

But it was this exchange — reported by the Washington Examiner — between Mark Sullivan and DC congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton that was the eye-opener.

Norton: “Did you discover it through their Facebook, or was it your own discovery that some interlopers had entered?”

Sullivan: “We did not discover that on our own. We were advised of it the following day.”

Norton: “Advised by who, sir?”

Sullivan: “Facebook.”

It’s one of the stories in today’s Fresh Eye

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  • Michelle

    Bob Collins + Theft of the Dial = awesome radio.

  • BJ

    I would listen to your Theft of the Dial. Your monday moning picks are great! Heck just string together the last 10 weeks of that and you have an hour.

  • Kim E

    I still think this is a really alarming situation. For goodness sake, Mrs. Salahi got so close to the President, she was photographed shaking his hand. Yes, it seems like the Salahi’s are only crazy social-climbers, but what if the party-crashers had been more dangerous people with other intentions? What if more people try to crash the next big White House event looking for more than just a reality show deal?

    On another note, I also agree that a Bob Collins Theft of the Dial would be really fun! I never knew you wanted hate mail though, I’ll get right on that. 🙂