Fresh Eye on the Radio: 12/2/09

Mary Lucia was off today so Mark Wheat did the commiserating about scores on the News Cut Quiz on Afghanistan. Oh, and Petters is guilty, and the state is broke.

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  • BJ

    I am so glad you are doing this!!!!! I might even become a member now:)

  • BJ

    You know if Bob and Mark Wheat ever wanted to do a full show it would be pretty cool. Afternoon drive time – sitting with him spining a few and you talking news. I would listen.

    KQ will be looking for a new AM host, I heard, you two should apply (after MPR buys it of course).

  • John

    Re: MPR takeover of KQRS.

    KQ’s nice strong signal would be sweet!

    Not sure where all the folks would go for ill-informed opinions, poop & boob humor, and infinite rotations of AC/DC, Hendrix, and Led Zepelin, though.

    I have CD’s of the music and little interest in the rest of it, so I say go for it.