About that decade

573-1.gifThe mind tends to block out trauma, so 20 or 30 years from now, maybe the 00’s won’t seem so bad. But it’s 2009 and a survey from Pew says this has been the worst decade in 50 years.

That’s pretty harsh treatment, considering that the ’70s gave us inflation, Jimmy Carter, and disco.

But that’s not the most surprising element. Only 53% of those surveyed rated 9/11 (a shoe-in for event of the decade) as the most important event of the decade, the survey said.

Cellphones were rated as the most important technological achievemernt of the decade, while many people social networking — including blogs — in a negative light, suggesting that the 20-teens might not be all that snappy for some of us.

Asked to sum up the 2000s in a word, “downhill” was the most common answer.

Here’s the entire survey. Post your thoughts below.

  • bsimon

    I’d say the comparisons are all in the timing of the survey. If you surveyed about the 70s in 1982, they might have scored lower. But in 79, it wasn’t yet clear how bad the recession would become. By 89, the decade had recovered – followed by a big dip. Then that dip setup the 90s for looking good, by the time they were rated in 99. But by aught-nine, we’d thought we’d recovered from the tech bubble crash, but learned it was all a mirage based on cheap borrowing. We took the big hit in aught-one, followed by two long wars – each longer than the big war of the 40s. So the double-aughts have the double-hit: a lost decade economically, with 8+ years of war. It shouldn’t be a surprise they’re rated low – it should be a surprise that 27% of respondents said the decade was positive. Who are those people?