A news release from the White House

The White House released a statement from President Obama today on the investigation into how the attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 could have happened.

It reads…

This morning, I spoke with John Brennan about preliminary assessments from the ongoing consultations I have ordered into the human and systemic failures that occurred leading up to the attempted act of terrorism on Christmas Day and about our government-wide efforts at continued vigilance on homeland security and counterterrorism efforts. In a separate call, I spoke with Sec. Napolitano to receive an update on both the Department of Homeland Security review of detection capabilities and the enhanced security measures in place since the Christmas Day incident.

I anticipate receiving assessments from several agencies this evening and will review those tonight and over the course of the weekend. On Tuesday, in Washington, I will meet personally with relevant agency heads to discuss our ongoing reviews as well as security enhancements and intelligence-sharing improvements in our homeland security and counterterrorism operations.

It’s an odd statement designed not so much to tell us anything other than “I’m working.” It’s not unusual to have press releases that don’t really say anything, of course. But it does raise the question of what exactly is the issue that concerns the White House most?

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