What’s right with us?

Today’s news items that remind us who we are:

• Eighteen-year-old Tyler Shipman of Frazee, Minn., always dreamed of restoring his 1986 Pontiac Fiero, but he’s dying of cancer and he worried about burdening his folks with an unfinished project. He posted his plight on an Internet bulletin board and this weekend, people flew in from all over the country to get the project done.

• In Philadelphia, a 64-year old woman is part high school cooking teacher, part drill sergeant. Her special dish? Helping poor kids get to college.

• Tim Johnson, 29, of Coon Rapids, always wanted to be a firefighter. But he died of a blood clot last month. Last week the West Metro fire district made him a firefighter.

The chances are you know someone that fits this category. Tell me about them.

I’m off this week. Watch this space for a suitable replacement.

  • Bob,

    Duluth’s 4th St Market is coming back! In an age when neighborhood stores are closing left and right due to gentrification and (primarily) pressure from larger outlets, the 4th St Market in center city Duluth is rising up from the ashes. What is a neighborhood without a neighborhood store? Pretty good article in DNT this week. Look it up. Or check with the AH Zeppa foundation that owns the building.

    In fact, with the new theater, Zeitgiest Arts operation and other philanthropy Al Zeppa gets a vote from me as someone who is using his wealth to make a big difference in many small ways. Here in the North Country anyway

  • GregS

    I like to be mindful of the little things that people do. Like banding together to remove trash from the ditches, sandbag dikes or even coach little league.

    Few people get the chance to save a life or change a life, but everyone gets the chance to be a bit of a hero every day of their lives.