The Weekly Quiz

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  • Bonnie

    a no hint 7…I guess I better “crack down” next week.

  • Matched Bonnie’s no-hint 7. Did better on last week’s “hardest quiz ever”. Should have gotten the unemployment one right since I would have made more than all the choices except the correct one had I stayed on unemployment the whole year.

  • Mrs. Al

    A strong 13/15 this week. The two I got wrong related to my least favorite topics: math and football. You found my achilles heel, Bob.

  • Minn whaler


    OMG, you are putting math word problems in the quiz! How did you do with those in school?

  • Al

    8 of 15. I used a different strategy this week. Instead of looking at the hints I asked my 6 year old daughter about all of the ones I wasn’t sure of. Not exactly a winning strategy.

  • JackU

    7 without hints. Of course question 4 should really have some sort of unit designation for the gasoline.

    (Bob notes: My mistake. Have added the units of measure)

  • kates

    6 out of 15 isn’t so bad, when oprah’s involved…