The hardest news quiz you’ll ever take

If you’re not in the fetal position by the time you finish the quiz, we’ve done something wrong this week. (It may take a moment for the quiz to load)

If you did well this week — and even if you didn’t — say it loud, say it proud, and say it in the comments section below.

  • fasolamatt

    Ten! Mad about the Northstar and NBC questions, because I SHOULD have gotten them.

  • V

    A hint-free nine!

  • c


  • I also got a hint-free 9. I refuse to take hints on multiple choice quizzes–I figure I know it or I don’t. Or I get a couple lucky guesses. (I had gotten 10 out of 12 on the Pew quiz.)

  • Bob Collins

    Hmmmm. Possibly, I didn’t make it hard enough this week. Perhaps I didn’t pay close enough attention to the news.

  • c


    4 correct would probably be considered failing. Historically, failing a test has never/would never cause me to ball up in the fetal position.

  • Bonnie

    no hint five…it was plenty hard Bob…

  • BJ

    7 – but I got the wall one from the radio – Thanks for the hint bob:)

  • Tim

    Hmm, after reading the previously posted scores, my hint-free score of 10 seems downright satisfactory. But then the Bob-O-Meter tells me that I am a “Packer”!! How insulting! It’s Friday – be nice, Bob.

  • kennedy

    7 w/o hints

    consistently underinformed

  • minn whaler

    8/15 same as usual.

  • Hint-free 10. With at least 4 “swags”

  • Bonnie

    for the record…I would have had six had I listened to the 420 prior to taking the quiz…and I KNEW it was illegal to change lanes in an intersection.

  • Al

    My wife always uses the hints ,so I decides to use them for the first time this week and got 14/15! Though I would contend that it should be 14/14 since the answer provided by your hint for the next ‘I’ hurricane name (Iota) was not in your list. I even managed to get past the false Lou Dobbs hint. (It led to a story about something else entirely.)

  • Bob Collins

    Oh, thanks for catching that. “India” was supposed to be “Iota.” Also fixed the incorrect URL for the NBC Nightly News anchor hint. Uploading to server now.

  • c

    for the record i did not read any of the stories, that the questions were based on-well except for the one on the healthcare bill.

    not that it matters

  • LK

    9! Perhaps I was motivated by the challenge that this would be the hardest quiz yet. Perhaps I got lucky. I hadn’t heard the story about the muggers in Wisconsin yet. Does that count as a feel good story?

  • Bob Collins

    It would count as a feel good story except that a couple of minutes later they found a guy who wasn’t a veteran and mugged him.

  • Al

    Thanks for fixing it, Bob. And I finally beat my wife at the News Cut Quiz. I don’t think that has ever happened before!

  • Mrs. Al

    After inspiring my husband to take the hints, I got a 13/15. I would have had 14 without that hurricane question (before you fixed it). But really…we’re not competitive or anything. Thanks for increasing our family unity, Bob!