The Larson brothers


Perhaps the saddest story in these parts this week was the story of a 95-year-old man from northwestern Minnesota, who suffered from hypothermia after looking for his brother who, who had wandered off. Carl Larson’s 98-year-old brother, was found in a field by hunters, and later died.

It turns out that MPR’s Dan Gunderson had profiled the Larson brothers in this piece in 2008.

Bill and Carl Larson love the land they helped their father change from a swamp to a productive farm. Carl says they have no plans to leave, and they certainly won’t be moving to town.

“We feel the town is the poorest place you can be in. That’s about the same as these nursing homes. If you live in town you just sit and look out the window. But here we can go out and do something you know,” says Carl.

But Carl admits there are some consolations for age.

“We don’t get up at 5 o’clock now, but we get up at 6 o’clock and we go to bed at 9. We take it kind of easy,” he confesses.

  • jane

    Thanks for this story, and the original done by Dan. Lots of us have people like these 2 men in our family histories….

  • Michele

    The Larson brothers are an inspiration in so many ways. Most impressive is the love they shared for each other, their community, and rural life. Rest in peace, Bill Larson.

  • Tim

    I remember hearing Dan’s report last year and thinking what a sweet, wonderful story it was. While every death is sad, these gentlemen died after living an unusually long, good life. They did not slowly wither away in a nursing home or on life support in an emergency room as do many other of our elderly. I can only hope to live and die as well in my old age.

  • Bob Collins

    Carl is still alive. At last check,he’s hospitalized in serious condition.