The “awesome” candidate

The state that gave us the Lizard People has done it again. At the bottom of the Minneapolis mayoral ballot, we learn that there is an “Is Awesome” political party.


Here’s Joey’s Web site statement:

Unlike other politicians, Joey has no experience and is thus unable to have become corrupted. Furthermore, Joey has a proven record of awesomeness that can be counted on should the city face natural disaster, war, famine, Act of God, or any of a hundred other things that other candiates aren’t busy thinking about.

Should Joey be elected this year, he will be sure to express his gratitude by humbly taking office and putting his years of playing Sim City to use. He’ll not only improve the city but will do so with a smile.

But he gets serious on his blog describing his party choice:

What if we just got rid of the party system? Everyone runs independently, based on what they think will be best for the district they will be representing. And those constituents could vote for the person they think will do the best job for their district. And everything would probably work out a whole lot better I think. But that’s just my opinion, maybe I’m just off in my own world, but I’m really sick of having 2 main parties and a couple ones that no one listens to. Let’s scrap it entirely. George Washington didn’t need to be party-endorsed to be a great leader…

(h/t: Derek Schille)

  • Star Tribune interview with him a couple weeks ago:

  • Kim E

    Am I crazy for wanting him to win only because I think it would be hilarious?

    (Don’t worry, I don’t live in Minneapolis and can’t vote for him.)

  • nt

    Further proof to the rest of the country that we’re a bunch of ignorant yokels. Great.

  • Ryan

    I wish that I was in the “Is Awesome” party.

  • Jim Belich


    OK, puns aside, I think he has a great point about electing people instead of parties.

  • Jim

    There is still room for even more awesomeness.

    From Jon Tevlin last month:

    I called Joey Lombard and asked him what makes him awesome.

    “Just in general,” he said. “Everybody I know thinks so.”

    I mentioned that my colleague pointed out candidates were allowed three words for their political party name or principle, and that Lombard seemed to have missed the opportunity to belong to the “Is Totally Awesome” party.

    “Arggggggggh, man!” said Lombard, sounding genuinely upset. “I didn’t even think of that.”

  • Elizabeth T

    1) ‘yokels’? Yokels don’t go through the bother of running for office.

    2) Compared to the Wilder-Is-God candidate, how bad can this be?

    3) Are we ridiculing someone just because he decided to spend $20 to run for mayor? Beyond printing costs for another name on the ballot, does this cost the city anything?

    4) Do we actually think no other large city in the U.S. has candidates like this? Compared to NYC, this is probably totally lame. I admire the fact that the only hurdle to being allowed to run a political campaign is $20.

    Sure, he has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Speaking realistically, neither does Kolstadt. No one’s ridiculing him for running.

  • Bob Collins

    Elizabeth I think you missed the point. Check the two words under his name. Say them outloud after reading the top line. Compare to the others.

    That’s….umm… awesome.

  • Brad

    I bet after Rybak, he’s is going to make a reasonable hail dent in the final total. If we can’t have Rybak, I at least want someone awesome. Another fine testament to Minnesota’s sense of humor.

  • Al

    You know, the ‘Is Awesome’ party seems less frightening than some of the other parties listed.

  • Lindsey

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know where Gov. Pawlenty is tonight? The election coverage got me wondering whether he’s working for one of the GOP candidates in VA or NJ…. or even that special in NY? Or is he home campaigning for someone here?

  • John P.

    While Joey is indeed awesome, I’m suprised the “Edgertonite National Party” has not attracted more attention.

    Here is an excerpt from their web site.

    “We are a non-traditional Communist party, based on the ideology of Lauraism: the belief that Laura Ingalls Wilder is God.”

    And that’s just the beginning. More at:

  • TK

    Once you get past the attempt at humor in the party name, this guy is dead right. Candidates should be answering to the needs of their constituents, not the directives from the party. In fact, you can throw out the 2 party system as far as I’m concerned. The 2 party system is an antiquated solution for the uninformed and the lazy that only ensures the self-preservation of the 2 parties.