Reality fallout


It was mildly amusing, perhaps, when the quest to get on a reality TV show led to the great balloon boy hoax, but this time, the quest for fame has gone too far. The White House this afternoon released this chilling photograph of the president receiving Michaele and Tareq Salahi at the state dinner this week. They weren’t on the invitation list and had crashed the party thanks, apparently, to some of of the most incompetent work by the Secret Service in its history.

The director of the Secret Service Mark Sullivan was apologetic in a written statement, saying the agency that protects the president is “deeply concerned and embarrassed.”

Lots of people should be.

The couple was a candidate for a Bravo reality show.

  • BJ

    I would think the SS agents at the door and the guards that ‘checked’ invites will all be fired.

    I’m guessing that their will be some major shakeups.

    Think if these people did this with the Bush W.H. How long till they were on a little island in the middle of no where without a lawyer.