Kathryn Koob then and now

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I mentioned in an earlier post that the All Things Considered folks ran into Kathryn Kobe at the church lunch next door to the World Headquarters of News Cut today — the 30th anniversary of the day the Iranian Revolution took over the U.S. embassy in Iran.

She and 51 others (only one other hostage was a woman) would be held for 444 days.

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They were finally released minutes after President Ronald Reagan took his oath at the inauguration.


On Tuesday, incidentally, Minnesotan Bruce Laingen, who was in charge at the embassy, was Gary Eichten’s guest on Midday.

  • Minnwhaler

    That year plus was what I consider my first couple years as an adult (23-25) and will never forget the tv coverage of the hostage release, for numerous reasons, but still makes me cry and cry. And feel they got out just in time… For what?

    complete fanatacism

  • JohnnyZoom

    Is it me, or does that 1979 photo look altered?

    The woman in the middle, presumably Koob, and the man on the right appear like their images have been pasted on.