Fresh Eye on the Radio: The things we do to ourselves

Update: A small number of apparently wayward souls have asked if this daily feature could be a podcast. We have not yet marshaled the considerable leverage of News Cut to do this correctly, but thanks to Jon Gordon of Future Tense, I’ve at least figured out how to get it to you in podcast form. Go here.

Today, the U.S. attorney general tried to explain to worried U.S. senators why he will try the mastermind of 9/11 in a civil court. Coincidentally, the Eden Prairie News on the same day was carrying details of new security arrangements around Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie. Barely-hanging-on businesses will now be encased in barbed wire and chain-links, even though no general aviation airplane has ever been used in a terrorist attack on the United States.

A Ryder Truck has been used for terrorism, but you don’t need to pass through security to rent one today.

A lot of the damage to our psyche in the wake of 9/11, we’ve done to ourselves. That’s the topic of today’s Fresh Eye on the Radio conversation with Mary Lucia on The Current.

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By the way, I do realize these things are running way too long. We’ll get them shortened up starting tomorrow and get back to the music.

  • LK

    Too long? No way! I think that ten minutes feels about right.

  • Sam

    Thanks for the effort of making this a podcast, Bob! I love listening to you and Looch, but am rarely near a radio at that time of day…

  • Phil

    Definitely not too long! I’m always disappointed when you wrap things up too quickly.

  • jtb

    I agree with LK and Phil. I get a lot of interesting talking points for dinner with my wife because of your two. Thanks!

    Plus I rather listen to some news subsidence with my music than little music and a lot of commercials!