Fresh Eye on the Radio: The clues

Clues always look obvious after the fact. Declining personal debt: Good or bad? The case of the stolen VW van. And babies who cry like their mothers. Those are among the week-end components of the daily discussion with Bob Collins and Mary Lucia.

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  • Bonnie

    Thank you, thank you. I hope you continue to do this Fresh Eye thing, because try as I might, tuning in to the Current at 4:20 ( yeah, I get the joke…) every day is not usually an option. Please keep it up. I may even increase my sustainer monthly hit, by golly.

  • Jocelyn

    Thanks for posting your “Fresh Eye on the Radio” with Mary. I love to listen to you two talk about the news. I don’t always have time to catch it everyday. It’s great to know I can listen to it here.

    P.S. Can you post both 4:20 & 5:20 segments?


  • atom

    A podcast of these conversations would be enjoyable. I’m usually scrambling to get work done at 4:20 and miss it.

  • Bob Collins

    There is no 5:20 anymore. We’re just doing the 4:20. working on the podcast thing.