Fort Hood victim has Minnesota ties


The local angle in the Fort Hood shootings has emerged.

The Kansas City Star reports that Army Reserve Spc. Keara Bono (Torkelson) was one of those shot in the assault on Thursday. She’s a graduate of a high school in Independence, MO., but she recently married and lives in the St. Paul area, according to the newspaper.

Here’s her Facebook page. A posting on her wall there says she was treated and released.

Just a few hours before the shootings, she posted that life at the facility was “boring.”

KMBC in Kansas City has some images of her on the base in happier times. KTKA Television reports that Bono worked with soldiers returning from war who were dealing with stress.

Says the London Evening Standard:

Another of the injured, 21-year-old Private Keara Bono, called her husband to say: “They shot me. And I’m still here in this country.” He heard shots and shouting, before the line went dead.

  • Tom O’Brien

    The Texas Tragedy

    Sam Harris, in his book “The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason, warned of the very tragedies happening here and elsewhere around the world. Unless organized religions are willing to look at the shear lunacy of many of the texts they hold dear, we’ll be experiencing increasing acts of terror in the name of a human conceived, mythological being ‘up there’ who prompts us to do his dirty work down here on earth.

    These ancient texts conceived, written, edited, and translated by an estimated 900 individuals have been the justification for killing of non-believers and homosexuals, stoning of women for adultery, pologamy, slavery, and the selling of your own daughters into sexual slavery.

    Religious moderates will conclude that they can pick and chose amongst the good and the bad religious texts, but the fundamentalists and the largely uneducated populations religions cater to, believe every word written in these scriptures is a mandate handed down from on high. I would encourage anyone who is concerned about the future to read this book where ancient myths collide head-on with our real world.

    Tom O’Brien