Five at 8 – 11/30/09: Painful memories

I started off last week’s vacation with the Brian Setzer concert at Mystic Lake. That inspires this week’s Monday Morning Rouser:

1) The senseless shooting of four cops in Lakewood, Washington has us remembering Minneapolis police officer Jerry Haaf. He was your basic everyday cop, doing nothing but having some dinner when some gang members shot him, just because he was a cop. That led to a backlash against efforts in the Minneapolis Police Department to work with gangs, ended some police careers, ratcheted up racial tensions, and turned more attention to the “gang problem” in Minnesota, which would later lead to the Gang Strike Force, now embroiled in corruption allegations. All because a couple of gang members targeted a cop having dinner.

Back in Lakewood, authorities say they’ve got the apparent shooter cornered, and he may already be dead.

2) Flight or fight? Researchers in Poland have issued a study showing the difference in how men and women respond to danger and emergencies. Bottom line: “This might signal that when confronted with dangerous situations, men are more likely than women to take action,” the researcher said.

More research: A new study back early intervention for autism. Still, there’s little widespread evidence that it works.

3) It makes sense — I guess — that men’s underwear can be an indicator of the state of the economy, but blood?

Another economic indicator? Economic graffiti in the Twin Cities.

4) Sugar with your coffee? You go ahead and hang on every word about the alleged demise of Tiger Wood’s marriage, I’ll take John Wooden, instead. “The greatest love story never told”:

5) There’s nothing wrong with the world that a good dog story can’t cure.


Bonus: Pretty images of the Minnesota State Capitol from the air.


Vikings owner Zygi Wilf has balked at efforts to extend the team’s lease at the Metrodome. While he says he has no plans to leave Minnesota, Wilf insists that the state’s political leaders must find a way to help the team acquire a new stadium. Would losing the Vikings hurt Minnesota’s quality of life?


Midmorning (9-11 a.m.) – First hour: It’s not news to people who fly regularly that planes are full, and may get even more crowded. Airlines have cut the number of flights to cope with the down economy and their own rocky balance sheets. We’ll tell some flying stories and I’ll live blog it here.

Second hour: As the year comes to an end, Midmorning looks at what musical artists we’ll be listening to in 2010. (Oh dear, we’ve already started with the new year shows)

Midday (11 a.m. -1 p.m.) – First hour: Historian Douglas Brinkley joins Gary Eichten to discuss presidential leadership in wartime.

Second hour: A debate from NPR’s “Intelligence Squared” series about President Obama’s economic policies.

Talk of the Nation (1-3 p.m.) – First hour: Tens of thousands more U.S. troops are likely headed to Afghanistan. We’re just waiting on official word from President Obama, that will most likely come tomorrow. Ted Koppel joins host Neal Conan for a look at President Obama’s upcoming announcement about Afghanistan.

Second hour: Charlie Murphy didn’t last as a security guard for his brother, Eddie. He kept pummeling the hecklers. life in the shadows of his superstar brother was not easy… From gangs to jail to the navy and, finally, to his own career in front of the brick wall.

All Things Considered (3-6:30 p.m.) – NPR has part one of a series looking at California’s medical marijuana law.

MPR’s Bob Kelleher profiles a man who invented window blinds that he says will provide heat.