Dress for success

If you’re going to fly first class on United Airlines, make sure you dress like someone who can afford to fly first class on United Airlines.

Best Buy executive Armando Alvarez used his miles to upgrade to first class on a flight from Washington to Connecticut a week ago Monday, then showed up wearing a track suit. He was denied boarding because he wasn’t dressed for first class.

  • justin h

    The guy comes off a as just a little douchebaggy, but still, this is pretty lame on united’s part. I guess they figured it was just easier to take his money and not actually provide him with service.

  • John P.

    If I show up for my coach flight in a nice suit, they might upgrade me to first class for dresing well. It only seems fair.

  • From the clip – “to company headquarters in Connecticut”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Best Buy headquarters are located in Richfield, MN, not Connecticut. Seems like an odd and pretty glaring miss there.

  • brad

    Seriously? That video was almost worthy of The Onion. A “poor” executive in a luxurious suburban home, sipping coffee, on the verge of tears because he was denied first class.

    “Who often checks his suits to keep them from getting wrinkled…” from a truly sympathetic reporter is just…too much.

    Poor guy.

  • Minnwhaler

    Have been flying alot lately. 3 or 4 times I have been somewhat happily surprised and realized a very poor habit of judging people by their appearnce, because the unshaven guy in raggedy jeans was in first class, so was the woman with low riders, back-end tat, etc. first class. Many of those (including myself) were much better dressed than our “upgraded friends” but were in the back, way in the back of the plane. I don’t find this person particularily likeable, but he was treated unfairly. Last I knew airlines as a whole aren’t doing so well. I would expect, at the very least, professional customer service from all of them. Southwest has been my best experience… all 5 flights, compared to Delta and NW, but I digress.

  • Marie

    My guess is his real problem was flying while Hispanic. Would a guy with the last name Smith in a track suit have run into the same problem?

  • Nate

    Is it a problem? A mistake? yes and yes. Is it worthy of the evening news? No. But, nice job on making sure he is consistent in his athletic brands.