Dirty dancing

I haven’t been to a school dance since the days when “dance” meant all the boys stand on one side of the gym, all the girls stand on the other side of the gym.

Apparently, things have changed:

You have to love the solution of one California school. When things get out of hand, they turn up the lights, and play Burt Bacharach “or anything that William Shatner recorded.”

Yep, that should kill it.

Last February, MPR’s Tom Weber looked at the “situation” in Minnesota, with the classic video using action figures.

  • BJ

    WOW – Bill hits a, “home run”.

  • John P.

    Wow, the rules said no toucing of breasts, etc. Does that mean no “slow” dancing holding your girl close?

    That’s the only reason I ever went to a school dance!