Whatchya gonna do when they come for you?

It’s a curious thing when you think about it. Americans apparently love to kick back after a hard day’s work, turn on the tube and watch someone else do their job.

Take your pick, you’ve got loggers, crab fishermen, carpenters, painters, elasmobranchologists, chefs, cops. You name it, it’s on somewhere.

Now TLC is bringing its cameras to the Mall of America to tell the tales of the security guards who protect your right to go to the mall and not plan on buying something but it was on sale so you buy it anyway. Or, as TLC puts it:

Mall Cops: An action-packed day in the life of the Mall of America, as seen through the eyes of the men and women assigned to guard its stores and shoppers: the mall cops. From protecting celebs to busting shoplifters, there’s no job too big for the mall cops.

It’s on at 9 p.m. tonight. I’m sure the job is nothing like Paul Blart.