Wangster Day exposes some racial divisions in Red Wing

Every now and again — too often, actually — we get an entry for the “what were they thinking?” file.

Students at Red Wing High School provided a recent entry when they held an unsanctioned activity during homecoming week — Wangster Day. “Students dressed as gansters and rappers in a way that some students felt mocked black students and emphasized racial stereotypes,” the Rochester Post Bulletin reports.

Two weeks ago, African American parents asked the school board to send messages home to parents noting the district’s policy against events such as “Wangster Day.”

Last night the board declined to take that action. “We have faith in our young people,” Red Wing Superintendent Stan Slessor said.

Some students have formed a group called Togetherness and Awareness Makes Greatness or TAG, which will tackle racial issues at the school. The school’s senior class president says a diversity club at the school failed in its job before falling apart a few years ago.

  • GregS

    So, is it still okay to dress as Italian gangsters?

    Why in the world would it be wrong to mock the toxic culture of black rappers?

    Oh yeah, in compliance with sanctioned racism, only black folks are allowed to mock black folks.

    Did anyone consider that the day lousy behavior can mocked by anyone is the day the era of racism ends?

  • Conservative Creole

    If wearing stupid, idiotic clothing attempting to emulate criminals and imbeciles is an attack upon a particular race, perhaps that race should reassess its image and how it wishes to be recognized. Don’t let the lowest members be the standard bearers for the greater whole. Where is the noble pride of the 60’s?