Today in the flu


A quick trip around Planet Flu:

• Wisconsin announced today that four more people have died from H1N1. The state also said it will tell health care providers to stop conducting mass swine-flu vaccinations starting next week until vaccine supplies increase. Only target high-risk groups will get the vaccine.

(Minnesota reported two more deaths today.)

• “Swine flu police” told elderly California people to leave a vaccination clinic. “We’re doing this for the children,” a health official said. “Local government officials, hospital workers and doctors in private practice are being conscripted as ad hoc swine flu police,” the New York Times reports. Some people appear to be sneaking into clinics to get the shots.

• In Texas, more than 45,000 at-risk prisoners will receive the swine flu vaccine, Texas prison officials said. They’re at-risk, too.

• President Obama’s daughters got vaccinated this week. There was no favoritism involved, the White House suggested. They received the vaccine “using the same process as every other vaccination site in the District,” according to the first lady’s Press Secretary Katie McCormick-Lelyveld. The president has not had the vaccine yet. Should he? When is someone supposed to be important and when is someone just one of the people?

• If enough people are afraid of H1N1, the Internet will get sick.

• What’s the first thing people ask when someone says, “I don’t feel good.”? Usually it’s “do you have a fever?” Now, MPR’s Lorna Benson has revealed, you can have H1N1 and not have a fever.

  • Jim!!!

    I applaud the president both for getting the girls vaccinated and for waiting himself until the supply has increased. He’s setting a good example on both counts.

  • Michele

    Hey, Just a note on this story from “flu central” on 7W at St Lukes Hospital in Duluth. Our floor gets all the suspected H1N1 cases, so 7 of my 8 pts last night were in isolation. We (the nursing staff) were just informed that we will not be getting the H1N1 vaccine due to the low supply the hospital received. First in line are pregnant women to get the shots. The hospital mgmt says that because we are gowning, gloving & masking up before we enter any of our pts rooms, we are not at increased risk of contracting the virus. So contrary to what we were told, health care workers are NOT first in line to receive the shot. So who is going to take care of the pts when WE get sick? We’ve already experienced short staffing & staff is working extra shifts & longer hours to make up. How many more months can we continue to do this?! Are any other hospitals in MN doing this? Just curious…