The wedding dance, redux

If you watch the NBC comedy The Office, you might have noticed the nod to a familiar (and famous) Minnesota wedding.

The original video now has more than 27 million views on YouTube, but, as you may recall, the wedding party’s wrangling between morning talk shows cost them a return flight home from New York.

Tom Crann talked to the mother of the bride and the church’s pastor shortly after Jill and Kevin’s unusual processional.

  • DD

    This isn’t anything new/novel or fadish to African Americans have danced down the isle in weddings for years if not in tradition! I believe it came from this tradition instead of being a ‘New’ fad! Please! Wake Up! ‘Someone’ and we know who they are, does it once and puts on UTube and it’s all the new rage! For you.

  • Mary Beth Blegen

    I love this! I only hope ‘The Office’ contacted Jill and Kevin to let them know and to thank them for the inspiration.

    Maybe they even let them watch the taping? 🙂 Or maybe that would be way too ‘Minnesotan’.