The unbeloved

Here’s probably one of the better “tributes” to the Metrodome as a baseball venue:

You think you’ve killed it, but no, it will not die. It will keep coming back, again and again, shoving itself into the limelight like a frustrated chorus girl. The last game in the Metrodome was supposed to be Sunday. The touching eulogies were written — yes, even the villains get touching eulogies. But the old barn had one more glorious day — deafening noise, twirling hankies, a big home victory. Now, today, we get a one-game playoff — Twins vs. Tigers — and once again it could be the last day of baggie baseball. But don’t bet on it. The creepy music plays. The phone lines have been disconnected. The Metrodome is looking like it might stick around for a while.

  • David Brauer

    The Kingdome was a worse place for baseball than the Metrodome. Instead of dingy Teflon, opaque concrete. When we visited, we called it the “Batter-Fried Metrodome.”

    Exhibition Stadium in Toronto was also grim. Not just baseball played in a football stadium … but a *Canadian-sized* football stadium.

  • Bob Collins

    I nominate the old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland.

    Plus, the Metrodome is every baseball fan’s best friend on a rainy day like this. If it’s next year, today’s game is a rainout and, boy, does that ever mess up the postseason schedule.