On Streaking

streaker.jpgBoy, they just don’t allow any fun at school anymore, do they?

The Pioneer Press reports on a Stillwater student who faces two weeks of suspension for dashing through a homecoming rally wearing a thong.

Stillwater Area High School senior and cross country runner Brian Brochman donned a Bill Clinton mask, running shoes, and an olive-green thong, dashed through the gym during Pepfest and out the door.

The school’s CSI unit — that’s Crime of Streaking Investigation — was quickly set to the task.

Officials figured out the would-be streaker was a member of the school’s cross country team — based on his speed and body type — and approached the team’s coach with a photo. Brochman said he ‘fessed up at that point.

His punishment was to spend two weeks in an “alternative to suspension” program called the Youth and Community Accountability and Prevention Program, which is held at the Washington County Historic Courthouse in Stillwater.

So, my question to you, dear readers: Does the punishment fit the crime?

Does the punishment fit the crime?(trends)

  • The Chachi

    I disagree with the premise of the question here Bob. What crime? You should have asked: Does the punishment fit the “crime”?

    Back in my day, which wasn’t all that long ago, streaking in a thong was not streaking at all. This student found a clever middle ground: Get the desired shock value without public indecency/nudity. After all, do they suspend the male swimmers for wearing their uniform? Nope.

    Let me be clear: Distasteful as the “streaking” may be, it is not indecent. As anyone that has been to a beach in California, Mexico, Miami, the Jersey Shore, Europe, Australia, Asia, or Duluth knows, there is always “that guy” in the thong. Usually not with a runners body either. Unpleasant, yes. Indecent. No.

    Give the kid a day of detention and a pair of boxer briefs.

  • I have to agree with The Chachi here… Unless public nudity/indecency laws have changed since I last looked, wearing a thong was not the same as being naked.

    The only “crime” I can think of here–and by crime, I mean “violation of student conduct code”–would be disrupting the pep rally, the equivalent of being a public nuisance or drunk & disorderly.

    Let the kids have their fun. I’m pretty sure making an example of this guy only makes foolishness like this more likely to occur in the future.

  • I think it’s sill to punish this kid, but his punishment sounds lenient considering the times.

    I’ve heard of cases where kids streak sporting events and are charged with an actual crime and made to register as sex offenders.

    I guess modern day America likes to punish for life.

  • Mike R

    Thank god petty bureaucrats can still find jobs in high school administration, where they have a constant supply of teenage boys that they can send to “accountability and prevention programs” for their heinous crimes.

  • Adam

    When did America lose its sense of humor? The only person this kid humiliated was himself… I agree with Mr. Chachi, give the kid a hour of detention and a pair of boxer briefs. Lighten up.

  • Anglachel

    Is that the punishment for violating the school dress code now a days?

    Back when I was a kid you were either forced to wear what ever appropriate clothing they found in the lost and found bin, or just had your parents called and you were sent home for the day (and on a few occasions forced to just wear your shirt with swear words on it inside out for the day, or tape over them…)

  • Ah, high school. (SAHS actually was mine, not that it matters.) There was at least one streaking per year, usually across the field around half-time. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone all that upset, offended, etc. It’s part of homecoming in high school. One day, two at most, of detention is probably appropriate, as Chachi mentioned. And Mike is spot on, quite a few of the administrators at Stillwater are (rather, were, when I was there) beyond reasonable in setting and enforcing rules for the hell of it. And from what I’d heard from my peers as a youth, SAHS wasn’t anywhere near the worst.

  • Elizabeth T

    And what is this “punishment” going to accomplish?

    Does he see the ‘error of his ways’?

    Is he going to be disuaded from doing it again?

    Is there any deterrent effecting other students?

    These questions, of course, ignore the fact that while this may be tactless, but isn’t a ‘crime’.

    And, as The Chachi points out, at least he’s got a nice body compared to the folks I see on the Jersey Shore.

  • kennedy

    How about a productive “punishment”, like having him scrape gum off the bottom of desks? Something visible to the other students that he is accountable for his behavior, but that will not detract from his education like taking him out of school.

    Sounds like the school’s administration likes to throw it’s weight around.

  • Bonnie

    Wish one of the ‘yes’ voters would weigh in, I’d be curious to hear their reasons.

  • Ryan

    I think the excessive punishment can be summed up with two words: thong envy

  • big man on campus

    Streaking, like heavy drug use, should be engaged in only by college students. And it’s not streaking if you’re wearing a thong.

  • Frank C.

    This is a draconian punishment for a harmless prank. I agree with John T Hoffoss: one, maybe two days of detention. Maybe writing “I will not run through the gym in inappropriate attire” 100 times. That or, “I will not so exuberantly display my fondness for the classics.”

    Was it disruptive? I’m sure it was. But at a homecoming rally? What was he disrupting? A biology lecture? I hope not.

    Seems like the fastidious power-mongers in the administration looked to make an example out of (according to the PiPress story) an otherwise decent kid who did something silly and foolish. The administration wanted to look tough, but like most bullies, they picked a soft target. I guess they get to go home and bask in the thought of what great big adults they are.

  • Brian Brochman-Stillwater High

    I just want to thank all of you for your support, I only wish the administration at the high school seen it the same way.

  • nancy l.t.

    just so you know, the correct way to look at this is considering the fact that the same administration gave a student, caught stealing and lying, a 2 day suspension! another student caught underage drinking was given a 5 day suspension. the administration at this high school is obsessed with stopping “streaking”. obviously, they don’t know how lucky they have it! (ie chicago high school murders of the last week). remember, we are in michele bachmann country over here!

    maybe these new administrators with all that booklearning don’t get the value of wisdom and quality mentoring!

  • a new perspective

    First of all, Brian, I would never hire you for a job after this for two reasons: 1) You aren’t able to follow rules; 2) You are willing to risk embarassing the organization you represent with your lack of leadership qualities. You did more damage to yourself than missing ten days of school. You may also want to give up the cross-country team and spend a little more time studying English. There should be a period after “support” and “seen” should be “saw.”

  • another perspective

    1. What was his intent? To cause a disruption.

    2. Was the thong appropriate clothing for school? Obviously not. There are not only school rules, but also community standards. This is not a beach.

    It can not be easy to manage the behavior of 2000 teenagers on a daily basis or realize the disruption that an episode like this can cause. Multiply the number of minutes of teaching lost by all the students and teachers…that’s a lot of lost learning. Anyone who thinks it is easy for the adults in a school…go volunteer in a school or offer to supervise the Mall on the weekend.

    Is 10 days alternative suspension too much, yes, I agree it is too much. Is the school in violation of MSHSL rules if he is practicing with his team during his suspension? I don’t know.

    Brian-move forward. Keep running. Remember that you were elected as the captain of the CC team for a reason.

    Now some fun with this:

    For the voters of the 6th District….What Would Michelle Bachman Do?

    Does Kohl’s in Stillwater sell green thongs?

  • Corinne Livesay

    Back in the 60’s, I told all the neighborhood kids to go swimming in W.B. lake at night — in the nude. They did. Oh my, how naughty! Thought every kid should do it at least once. I always wanted to streak, too, but didn’t have the body for it. Guess kids these days will never have those, “Remember when?” experiences. Adults, loosen up. Kids, streak on.