Moments with Baxter

There’s nothing wrong with the world that a good dog story won’t cure.

Here’s a good dog story:

A funeral was held yesterday for Baxter, one of the oldest working therapy dogs in the United States. Baxter comforted hundreds of patients in their final hours at a hospice, even when he was in his final hours.

Here’s a Kleenex.

  • kay smith

    Yup, needed the kleenex.

  • Joel

    How is this possibly not marked NSFW? It’s a twisted soul who posts this during the workday, thus expecting others to watch it during the workday and embarrass themselves in front of coworkers with excessive displays of emotion.

  • Tyler

    I get the feeling it’s a good thing Honeywell blocks Youtube at work.

  • Minn whaler

    Being the daughter of a wonderful, care giving, supportive Dad, who just left his life on earth, this was especially touching. I have a new dog who has been providing me with the therapy I need to accept what was inevitable and still feel conected.