Fire in the hole!


If the weather is a little chilly for you, gather around 5th Avenue SE and Main St. SE in Minneapolis. Two huge flames will be visible until early Wednesday morning. A spokeswoman for City Council member Diane Hofstede the fire is excess propane being burned off by a company that is removing four large underground tanks.

Officials say there’ll be noise involved with the work. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday October 6th burn off the propane in the tanks

Wednesday October 7th excavate the 2 tanks at the east end

Thursday October 8th remove the 2 east tanks and excavate the west two tanks

Friday October 9th remove the last two tanks and backfill the hole

(Photo: Madeleine Ringham)

  • Elizabeth T

    now this sounds like the thing to do with my two young kids. Wonder if the fire department will be there – what more would 2 little boys want?

    Personally, though, I’m more professionally curious: why is this being burned off, rather than some other process? This sort of thing is generally prohibited with the EPA air pollution standards.