California luring a football team

Let the panic begin! California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spokesman says he’ll sign a bill waiving an environmental impact report for a developer’s proposal to build a football stadium on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Opponents have criticized the governor’s intention to sign the measure, asking why a football stadium gets the waiver when hospitals and other businesses don’t? And there’s the faint aroma of tainted politics, too. The state senator whose vote moved the bill forward in the Assembly, happens to have a wife who works for the developer.

Now to find a team willing to move. Pro Football Talk says the Bills, Jaguars, Raiders, Chargers, Vikings, Rams, and 49ers are candidates.

The developer says he expects a team to be playing in the Rose Bowl or LA Coliseum for a year in 2011 and then move into the new stadium. The Vikes are committed to the Metrodome for 2011.

One potential flaw in the “Vikes might move” scenario: The developer might want a piece of the team.

  • John P.

    Minnesota legislators I’ve heard ,seem to be saying “talk to us after the recession”. California’s problems are worse than ours, so it’s hard to imagine government help to build a stadioum in LA. Maybe they can do it without public money like New York did for the Yankees.

    If the Vikings leave, I’m happy to turn my football attention to the Gophers. That’s what people did before the Vikings arrived, and still do in many places. The Gophers already have a nice stadium. It doesn’t seem like that bad of an option to me. I could satisfy my pro football urges watching the Packers or the Bears.

  • Bob Collins

    From the sound of things, the developer’s plan doesn’t involve state money. And that’s been done before. New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft built a stadium without state money.

    Of course, that option remains for Zygi Wilf in Minnesota, too.

    Part of the distressing coverage is the framing of the situation as if it isn’t.

    As for the Gophers, well, that actually might be a selling point for pro-stadium folks. (g)

  • bsimon

    Every time this story is covered, media outlets should be digging up the report from the MN Federal Reserve that compares return on investment for sports stadiums vs. early childhood development programs.

    Until the latter are fully funded, the former have to be left off the table.