Are you smarter than a fourth grader?

Good news for Minnesota students and educators: you’re tops when it comes to the third ‘R‘.

In Minnesota, the average score was 249 (out of 500) for fourth-graders and 294 for eighth-graders. Both of those scores rank the state near the top, well ahead of the national average in each grade. Fourth-graders ranked third, behind Massachusetts (252) and New Hampshire (251). Eighth graders ranked second, behind only Massachusetts (299).

MPR’s Tom Weber passes along a link to a set of sample questions for this year’s test. The default set is 4th grade, but there’s another tab for 8th grade if you want a challenge to go along with your coffee break.

Don’t be shy, post your scores in the comments.

  • Than Tibbetts

    4th grade: 10/10

    8th grade: 9/10 (math vocab tripped me up…)

  • Tom Weber, MPR

    Phew! I got 10/10 on both.

  • BRNZ

    10/10 on both. And here I am, on a break between classes at a MUSIC college (probably right across the street from Than, in all likelihood.)

  • OprEowyn

    Same as Than (4th: 10/10, 8th: 9/10).

    Curse you, math vocab!

  • Miniarmstrong

    10/10 on both. The estimation problem for fourth graders was probably difficult for them.

  • Joanna

    4th: 10/10 8th: 8/10

    Darn statistics vocabulary! I’m surprised I remembered as much as I did, frankly.

  • Kim E

    4th grade: 10/10!

    8th grade: 9/10 (I missed the last question on odd integers….)

    Not too hard, only had to use the calculator on one question (the one on hypotenuse).

  • Ann

    10/10 on both, but I must confess to being an engineer.

    I found the questions quite interesting, as this wasn’t really the way I remember being taught math (in the 1970’s) (gee, that sounds like a long time ago).