Will a tax/fee cost jobs? ‘Yes,’ Minnesota DFLers say

This week, Minnesota senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken have made it clear they oppose Sen. Max Baucus’ proposal that would impose $4 billion in annual fees on the makers of products like heart pacemakers and artificial hips.

Both seemed to embrace Republican principles on taxes in asking the provision be dropped. “he proposed fee will seriously threaten thousands of American jobs and deter innovation in the industry,” the letter they wrote said.

Both, of course, are trying to protect a hometown company — Medtronic, whose former CEO, Bill George, appeared on CNBC this morning to make the same point. Ignore the first answer from the other guest who disagreed with him. He was on another planet until the anchor refocused him.

By the way, has anybody picked up on the fact that Democrats are calling taxes “fees” now?

  • Alison

    It’s not trying to protect ‘one’ hometown company. There are collection of companies with medical devices in MN.

    But point taken on the tax vs. fee talk. It is annoying to watch them switch sides of an argument when it suits them. Is there any wonder we find poilitcians slimey?