USA the Franken Way

If you listened to Midday via the radio on Friday — MPR Day at the State Fair — the whole “Al draws the USA thing” might not have been that impressive. So … here:

Here’s Gary Eichten’s full interview with the senator. Health care, of course, was the big topic. Franken would not commit to an answer on the question of whether he’d support a health care bill without the “public option.”

“I’m not going to negotiate with myself at the State Fair,” he said.

  • I like having a geographically literate Senator! 🙂

    I have to admit, I was wrong. When Franken first said he was going to run, I rolled my eyes. I thought it was a terrible idea.

    He’s much smarter and better than I thought, and a great “second banana” to our senior Senator. the charming and talented Amy Klobuchar.

  • Janette Lever

    I find it hard to reconcile the image of “second banana” with this extraordinary, capable man. Only those who weren’t paying attention are surprised.

  • Momkat

    Thanks for showing this. I heard Eichten’s broadcast and thought Franken was great–and now I see it’s an amazingly accurate map!

  • jim marson

    Y’all don’t even see the oldest stunt in the book?

    Lord help you all!

  • Dee Mann

    Liberals are so easily amused. MN is an embarrassment to the USA.

  • Bob Collins

    OK, I’ll bite. What EXACTLY do you find embarrassing? That he came from a background in show biz/comedy? Or is there been something he’s done since he was elected that you find embarrassing?

  • Wes


    “Lord Help you all”

    You want to talk about embarrassing?


  • Kim V

    Dee Mann- You’re so embarrassed of MN, you must really hate MN-based things, like Minnesota Public Radio.

    Oh, wait….

  • Bobbi Nesbitt

    my severely autistic nephew draws the united states freehand, too, including the timelines.

    does the senator from MN have any OTHER qualifications?

  • Bob Collins

    What did you think about the interview, Bobbi?

  • Jim M

    Hey Bobbi —

    >does the senator from MN have any OTHER qualifications?>>

    Well, let’s see: cum laude in Political Science from Harvard; fellow of the Kennedy School of Government…won enough votes to be elected…but other than that, gee I guess he’s unqualified.

    And he was even a better actor than St. Ronald of Reagan (Bedtime for Bonzo? Please.)

  • Michael M.

    What is wrong with the moderator (Gary?) of this event? He kept pressing Al if he’d accept a watered-down version of the healthcare bill, or one without a public option. I got a pretty good idea of Gary’s political affiliation, which is something I never really wanted to know.

  • Bob Collins

    that’s wrong. I’ve worked in this business for 35 years and there’s only ONE person out of the thousands of newspeople I’ve worked with that I cannot tell his/her political affiliation: it’s Gary.

    Gary’s job is to ask questions and asking whether Franken would accept a bill without a public option is more than a legitimate question.

    Further, it’s Gary’s job to get people who want to evade the answer to clearly state they don’t want to answer the question.

    It doesn’t matter if YOU wanted to know it or not. It only matters if the information was relevant to know.

    It was. And clearly so.

  • Andrea Olson

    Proud to be Minnesotan in large part because of MPR. Where else can you find a quality radio news program that presents so many ideas and speaks about issues that matter? I love this interview, and I knew about the prison service training dogs from a previous program on MPR. Since when is it a terrible thing to be educated?

  • Mike R.

    I am an Al Franken fan from Maryland, and I love this video – despite the omission of our beloved Chesapeake Bay!

  • Alan Haverman

    Wow, that’s so fantastic to hear about the previous poster’s massively autistic nephew who can also draw the states in detail while discussing health care reform and the future of our economy. Perhaps you or your nephew could run for Congress and win, then fight an unnecesarily protracted legal battle over the election, then once seated sponsor a bill to provide needed help to veterans? Oh, wait, it must be socialist nonsense unless it’s proposed by neocon wackjob Michelle Bachmann. How quaint.

  • Karen W.

    I love him. Let’s keep an eye on Al Franken. He may just be the our catalyst to political awakening.

    Watch this: