The worst billboards

The St. Paul Issues Forum says District Councils will soon be asked which billboards in the city should be removed. “All of them” probably isn’t going to be an answer that will get you anywhere.

The Scenic St. Paul blog provides a citywide tour of the possibilities.

Clear Channel alone has almost 400 billboards in the city.

So which ones would you consider the worst of them?

  • I actually kinda like the billboard closest to me, it’s the one on top of the building next door for Salut. It’s kinda witty, and it advertises a business not a mile away, which helps give Grand more of a neighborhood feel.

    This might be too overbearing, but I’d love a restriction that all billboards have to advertise a business less than 5 miles from the spot of the billboard.

  • Bob Collins

    At the very least, that would get rid of all the billboards within 5 miles of downtown St. Paul.

  • Katie

    My favorite billboards are Mall of America’s. Very clever!

  • Mac Wilson

    Kind of an odd thing to get worked up about, but I do hate the one as you’re exiting 52 by Red’s Savoy Pizza..

  • kennedy

    They’ve kind of blended into the background for me. I’ll probably pay more attention for the next couple days and notice any that are annoying.