Testimony of the cardboard sign


Being about the news and all, News Cut probably doesn’t have a large enough audience to sustain a “send me your picture of people’s cardboard signs” effort. But a guy can dream.

The New York Times’ Freakonomics blog has culled some of them from Flickr — some of them funny (above) and some of them sad, many of them probably untrue.

It’s reminiscent of an MPR News story a few years ago about a public art display of homemade signs in Minneapolis. It raised the question whether what’s written on the sign actually matters. I’m still waiting for the firm answer to that question.

(Photo:RogueSun media)

h/t: Nancy Lebens

  • Heather

    The best panhandler sign I’ve ever seen =

    “Please help. I’m hooked on phonics.”

  • Nick

    I once saw a guy standing beneath the I-94 overpass on Lyndale Avenue holding a sign that said “NEED WEED.”