Senator Schilling?

Minnesotans are familiar with the odd backgrounds of its political candidates. See Ventura, Jesse and Franken, Al.

But what would it say about the U.S. Senate if someone can go from the starting rotation for the Boston Red Sox to the United States Senate?

In an interview with New England Cable News, Curt Schilling — a Republican — says he’s considering running for the seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.Republicans had Stuart Smalley to use to undercut Al Franken’s candidacy. Is this enough for Massachusetts Democrats?

Prepare your Massachusetts jokes, Minnesota!

  • Gorg Borg

    The guy cheated to get ahead in baseball by using ‘roids. Judging by that quality alone, I am sure he will make a great politician on capital hill with the rest of the bunch…

  • Bob Collins

    No, Schilling was on the entirely opposite end of the steroid issue. He’s been leading the lynch mob against Clemens and Bonds and that ilk.

  • John

    Schill, as much as he is loved here in Boston for what he helped achieve would never be a senator, especially in place of Kennedy. Universal healthcare is favorable by large margins here, and any republican would have to conform to very liberal terms of healthcare reform to even be a prospect in winning this senate seat.

  • Gorg Borg

    Ah, yes…you are right. I am one of those idiots that posted on a blog without doing my homework first. I remember hearing his name tied to all of the steroid news, not realizing it was for the opposite reason.