Recession-proof jobs: Crop duster

If the cubicle-bound day job doesn’t work out, maybe you can be a crop duster. The Associated Press reports today the demand for crop dusters has — ummm — taken off this year.

“Some new products came out to control disease in corn and soybeans, and those are applied when crops are mature, so the demand has been tremendous,” said 56-year-old crop duster Tim Steier, of Blue Earth, Minn.

The surge in demand is largely because of corn and soybean crops.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Unless the job description includes shooting at Cary Grant while he’s standing on lonely section of Highway 41 in northern Indiana, I’m not interested.

  • Jim!!!

    How much to outfit your RV?

  • BJ

    Hey I heard this from you 2nd, normally you are so on top of the news….