Political support softening for continued war in Afghanistan

A Pew Research survey shows the problem U.S. military leaders in Afghanistan have selling a escalation of the war there to the American people.

Republicans (84%) and Democrats (76%) mostly agree that a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan represents a threat to the United States, but they sharply differ over whether U.S. troops should stay there to prevent it, the survey said. Fifty-six percent of Democrats said the troops should be removed. Only 25% of Republicans said that.

Meanwhile, President Obama is in New York today, trying to hold together support for the war among America’s allies.

Politically, Germany is in focus of those monitoring public sentiment. Earlier this month, an al Qaeda video surfaced that threatened “a rude awakening” for Germans if they do not force their leaders to pull troops from Afghanistan. Germany holds national elections on Sunday.

Today’s Question here on MPR NewsQ is asking whether Afghanistan is worth the cost. So far the overwhelming answer seems to be “no.”

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