One for the Situation Room

Wolf Blitzer reads the news for a living, so it’s a slam dunk that he’d kill at Jeopardy.

He didn’t.

For the record, that was a comedian who cleaned Blitzer’s clock.

(h/t:Drew Geraets)

  • Bobbydole

    That wasn’t just any comedian that was Andy Richter of the famed ‘Andy Richter Controls the Universe’!

    Also my respect for wolf Blitzer just went way way down.. not that it was really that high to begin with..

  • Moira

    you know, I thought that too. I had to turn it off because I was tired of Andy’s grimaces as he gave answers, and not just because he was whoopping Wolf.

    but, then I thought, maybe it’s planned for one person to really win big in the celebrity challenges, since the money all goes to charity.

  • CaliGuy

    Hunh. I guess I fail to see the connection between “reads teleprompter sufficiently well” and “dominating game show performance”, though.

    I mean, really…how do you think Pomeranz would do on Jeopardy?!?

  • LK

    Yes, Andy has sort of been typecast into a specific character on screen, but he’s no doofus!

  • brad

    Comedians continuing to gain more respect from the American population than newsmen…