Obligatory State Fair post

bob at fair.jpg

Memo to self: Volunteer to work more days in the Prairie Home Companion Store at the MPR State Fair booth. I had a fabulous time today. Jason DeRusha of WCCO was kind enough to get my best side.

Friday is MPR Day at the State Fair. You’ll want to stop and meet some of the show hosts at the booth. I’ll be occasionally over at the NewsQ tent. I think we’re going to play, “Are You Smarter Than A Blogger,” although I’m not exactly sure how that works.

  • Full disclosure: I did give Bob a Sweet Martha’s cookie (it was more like two cookies stuck together) in exchange for this mention and link. Thanks Bob. You’re easily bought.

  • Bob Collins

    Give me a bucket of Sweet Martha’s cookies, and an available conference room, and I’d have all the factions in the health care debate in a group hug in 20 minutes.

  • Tom Weber, MPR

    As long as we’re making plugs, Bob – may I mention that MPR’s education reporters – Tim Post and I – will be out at that MPRNewsQ tent from 1-3?

    We’re looking forward to meeting a lot of people. School starts Tuesday for most, so come tell us what other stories will be out there this year!