History or politics

You let the president of the United States speak to school children and the next thing you know they’re singing about him.

The school in New Jersey says the kids were learning a song for Black History Month last winter.

It’s become a YouTube sensation in the last few days, even though it was uploaded in June.

New Jersey’s education commissioner today ordered a review of the teaching of the song, and wants to find ways to celebrate Black History Month without “inappropriate partisan politics in the classroom.”

  • Elizabeth T

    Inappropriate partisan politics

    … like No Child Left Behind?

    … like teaching Manifest Destiny was ok?

    … like teaching Intelligent Design/Creation?

    … like teaching nothing other than abstinence in sex ed.?

    … like teaching about Betsy Ross but not Harriet Tubman?

    … like totally focusing on Race and not Class as socioeconomic indicators?

    and most of all

    … like failing to teach civics?

    bah humbug …