Creative writing, politics style

Tomorrow marks the end of the quarter for politicians to report their campaign contributions, so today their fundraisers are sending out solicitation letters to try to pry money out of some wallets by creating straw men and challenges.

Rep. Keith Ellison raised the specter of “special interests.”


“Special interests,” of course, are in the eye of the beholder. This summer, Ellison was in the spotlight for accepting a privately-funded gift of a trip to Mecca.

Rep. Michele Bachmann meanwhile is using Nancy Pelosi as the “boogeyman” in her fundraising letter.


“I must show a solid bank account to keep the Democrats from pouring millions into my opponents’ campaigns,” Bachmann said in her letter, as if anything could prevent Democrats from pouring millions into the 6th District race.

If you’ve gotten a fundraising e-mail today, please forward it to me.

  • JackU

    What surprises me is that Bachmann is on the list of TOP 8 GOP TARGETS TO DEFEAT!.

    I would have guess she’d have made the top 5 at least. 😉