Action figures then and now

Today’s first look at the Michele Bachmann action figure…


… has me wistful for the time when the idea of action figures in politics was fresh and new:

It was also a time when the action figure even looked something like the person it was supposed to portray. Rep. Bachmann’s action figure looks more like Gladys Knight.

  • Steve

    What’s with the music on the Ventura figure ad that sounds lifted from an adult film?

    And the Bachmann figure…yikes.

  • Phil


    My first reaction to the quote “a spokesperson for Bachmann, said the Congresswoman hadn’t heard about the action figure.” was Yeah Right! How could someone who is so clearly vain, especially with a staff, not be aware of her own action figure?

    Then I got to thinking…Ya know, this is Michele Bachman…

  • Minnwhaler

    And what action does she perform? Does she pucker her lips to get ready to kiss a president? Or does she sing God bless America?

  • Elizabeth T

    I’m curious about the Bachmann-electorate response.

    I’ve repeatedly been told that her district is the “whitest” in the state…. As Bob C mentioned, this bears a greater dermal resemblance to Gladys Knight.