Woodstock’s meaning?

Yes, I grew up in the ’60s. No, I didn’t go to Woodstock.

I had to chuckle when I heard Gary Eichten read this response that someone sent in to Today’s Question:

Woodstock to this octogenarian was an orgy in mud hat showed the decadent side of popular culture. It had no meaning to me personally at the time and has no meaning to me personally now. I’ve always been a bit bemused at all the fuss over it.

…and this one…

A more interesting question might be to ask how and why thousands of aimless and whimsical youth on a weekend holiday have come to symbolize an entire generation of tens of millions?

If I squint my eyes just so, I can read this and it can be 1969 again, and you’re all my father talking about Hippies.

A newspaper in that neck of the woods put this video together and, I think, actually captured the meaning of Woodstock. It means when you look back on anything 40 years later, you’re bound to feel older.