Things that are dead for $20

The day in news (so far) in Jeopardy format.


The answer is:

He was the second oldest sea lion in North America when he died at Como Zoo Monday.


Q: Who was Sparky?

The answer is:

It took Michele Bachmann suggesting Barack Obama held “anti-American views” to get it going too late in the 2008 race, but it couldn’t survive the prospect of many DFLers who want to run against Bachmann in 2010.

Q: What is the campaign of Elwyn Tinklenberg. It ended today when he dropped out of the 6th District race.

The answer is:

She was the great-granddaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm, the last German emperor.

Q: Who was Princess Felicitas von Preussen. Her family announced today she died Saturday at age 75.

The answer is:

In announcing its ban, an order from the Marines said “(it) creates a larger attack and exploitation window, exposes unnecessary information to adversaries and provides an easy conduit for information leakage that puts OPSEC [operational security], COMSEC [communications security], [and] personnel… at an elevated risk of compromise.”…

Q: What is (are) Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace and social networking?

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