The lightning show


Summer made its grand reappearance this weekend. Up to 5 inches of rain fell in the storms Friday night into Saturday morning. Then, after an afternoon of muggy weather, tornadoes reportedly dropped in sections of Anoka County. Trees were downed in Plymouth. From Twitter, we heard reports of wedding receptions hurriedly being moved indoors.

The picture above was the leading edge of the storms.

I shot this video of lightning in the distance — over Anoka and Washington Counties — from the safety of the News Cut Woodbury bureau. The lightning didn’t illuminate anything particularly foreboding.

Here’s some YouTube video scanning the sky of Plymouth as the sirens blare. No tornado spotted on the tape, however.

Is our drought over, yet?

If you see any damage when the sun comes up, shoot us a picture.

The boys on Updraft are doing the heavy lifting on the weather.

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