The Kleenex channel

Watching the return of the journalists from captivity in North Korea this morning, it hit me: Why isn’t there a TV channel with nothing but tearful reunions?


How can you beat the surprise appearance of a returning soldier/parent at a kid’s classroom?

View more news videos at:

Or the happy endings when lost kids are found:


It doesn’t even have to be just people. Like this reunion of a man a few months ago and the dog he lost during Hurricane Katrina:


Tearful reunions are a good reminder that in the big scheme of things, not much else matters but those you’ve been waiting for.

  • Elizabeth T

    Thanks …

    I’m in the midst of trying to write a term paper. This provided a delightful break (if also a few tears). It’s nice to remember that there’s life beyond grad school this afternoon.

    I’m not sure a Tearful Reunion Channel would be a good idea … but I definitely think it ought to be added to the Public Access station. It would provide emotional relief in between screaming at the TV during horrific city council meetings or the U.S. Senate debates.

  • Minn Whaler

    Will never forget the reunion scenes after the hostages came home from Iran in 1981

    I would watch all day…